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Hey Visitor, 

Our "About Us" page would like to thank you yes, seriously for visiting it because you know there are hardly anyone that scrolls down to the end of the website because you know the products are so awesome and clicks the About Us. We are glad that you took out your precious time and are here. So now, that you're here we would like to tell you why,how and what made us built the, our baby.




We are very normal recently graduated yes, seriously we are that young just like the rest of you, lovable people. We are a bunch of people that are so greedy and so selfless at the same time to give and wish to recieve gifts from our loved one's. 




We at Buybindass offer a trusted and a safe online shopping experience, don't believe?Try us. We are one of those shopping websites which offers customers all kinds of Personalized and Customized Products such as Cups, T-shirts, Tiles, Frames, Mobile Covers etc we can literally print on anything and everything, except humans. And, also our very own uniquely, innovatively, upto date designed products such as T-shirts, different types and designs of coffee mugs etc. The buyers now won't be disheartened because they will always find something innovative, beautiful and lovable that they can buy from the various Customized and lifestyle items at Buybindass. Don't believe us? Just buy and buy Bindass.




Okay, you seriously wanna know why we call ourself Buybindass? 

Because honestly, we are bindass people that love to buy bindass but most of the times the pocket money just doesn't gives our Saath because too less, you know. So, everytime we wanted to gift something to someone or buy new clothes for ourself the pocket money would just never support. So, we came up with our baby Buybindass so that not only us,but the entire nation can just "BUYBINDASS".




Yes, we do! We love to promote talents because we are also talented people. Although, we have our own designers and no, we don't doubt them at all but we would accept all unique and innovative designs coming from our customers. And because, we are manufacturers as well, so, you don't need to worry about even a single penny. We would even promote the designs on our facebook and instagram pages and would even love it,if you do the same so that your design and Buybindass reaches to more and more people.


OUR MOTTO is India's newest online shopping website. We here at Buybindass work with a motto to make it one of the most successful online website in India. Officially located in Kolkata, India is one of those marketplace which is trying to bridge the gap between the buyers of course you need to buy in order to be called a buyer, you know and the sellers i.e us.




 We are a 12 member team that has sold hundred of products offline yes, you gotta believe that because that's true from our store yes yes, we have our offline stores too and is now venturing into the online business keeping our fingers crossed. We are a small family where everybody is a father and a mother to Buybindass there's no uncle or aunty because we all equally love Buybindass and nobody is ready to be called an aunty or an uncle because we are too young dude. We are super proud parents of our this, cute little baby which has given us excellent results offline. And, we hope to get the same excellent results online too.




In just a few months, we have built a homegrown yes, because workplace is like our second home company capable of offering new, creative and unique Products to the customers.We are best known for our unique upto date  designs and prints. Any design that the customer wants, we can print it. Perhaps, this is why we call ourselves a Customer's company. We plan to take our cute little baby to the next steps, nurture it and grow it into a healthy, powerful, tall, handsome and well-built adult and nation's favourite online shopping website. In the upcoming years, we plan to introduce many such different creative products so that everyone always gifts their best to their best people and also buys the best for themself, not worrying of the pocket money because you know, Buybindass


Thank you, for reading About Us because it seriously took a lot of time to pen down these words. In the end, we would say keep shopping, keep buying, keep BUYBINDASSing. 

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