With the on-going busy day to day life it becomes difficult to be the trendiest among all. But now its time, you give your wardrobe the much awaited new cool funky and trendy makeover. Because if not now, then when? To help you out we list down the mens fashion trends for 2017 here to make it easier for you:


Sportswear -

6 men's fashion trends 2017 | sportswear

Sportswear in the past couple of seasons have become one of the biggest risers in the men’s wear. Team it up with jeans or coats to make it look trendy and fashionable. The long coats are totally in and are not only for girls but for boys too. Team your sportswear with a long coat or jacket to get a new look.


 Checks -

6 men's fashion trends 2017 | checks

Checks is the most loved, beloved part for the male wardrobe. There’s not a single male who does not like checks. Check blazers are the new cool and are being loved by all. The checks started off as quite subtle and have moved on to be bolder and has become a favourite for the males. It is also the safest choice if you’re confused about what to wear because they are just perfect for everywhere.


Neutrals -

6 men's fashion trends 2017 | neutral

Neutrals are a big help and give one a rich and a warm look. Parties, meetings or get togethers neutrals can be flaunted anywhere and everywhere. If your girl like you when you look like a man and not a cute boy then, this look is for you.


Stripes -

6 men's fashion trends 2017 | stripes

Just like checks, stripes are also a favourite for the men’s. Stripes can look funky and cool as well as warm and sophisticated both giving an elegant look. Team it up with jeans, casuals or formal pants. Stripes look good with everything and at everyone.


Printed T-shirts -

6 men's fashion trends 2017 | printed t shirts

Yes, I might be the first one who is writing about custom printed t-shirts being a trend. The truth is printed t-shirts were never out of trend. They are and always will be in trend especially for school and college students. If you’re a lazy ass who only dresses up for occasions then you will definitely know the importance of printed tshirts and I am sure if I ever raid into your wardrobe the only piece of cloth I’ll find are printed t-shirts. All cool, funny qoutes, cute and funky designed printed t shirts. The advantage of printed tshirts is that they display a message that you want to give (maybe, just a guess).

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Cuban Collars -

6 men's fashion trends 2017 | cuban collars

If there is one such trend that hasn’t outdated till now, it’s the Cuban collars. Shirts or tshirts with Cuban collars are both in and will definitely give you a cool look. Team it up with jeans. Boys with broad shoulders should definitely prefer Cuban collars as this will make them look more handsome and also will highlight their body.